We Live

Darkness falls in variously described circumstances, but the common factor is "absence." It may be the absence of light, the absence of health, or the absence of companionship. In these absences, the desert light stuns, the sand stings, and the solitude crushes. Our need is for a balm that will allow us to survive this harsh climate. But we’ve been given more than a balm. We’ve been given the eyes and ears and breath of God. We discover this gift in prayer, in the observance of nature, and in the simple act of waking from sleep. This is so simple, it can’t be the answer. We speak; God listens; we live.


this is "church" today
staying in, listening
watching shadows
bowing to light


blueberries for lunch
earth, sky, sun, rain
and human endeavor
blessed and bound
with sparks divine

each round blue orb
appreciated for color
for taste and for health
received gratefully
this humble sacrament

Where Is?

Where is your Selma?
Where will you be when freedom's band
Shouts its hurrah?
Where your deep passion meets a deep need
That's where God is planting a seed.
Raise up your voice and make the choice
To make your stand.

Words: "Where Is Your Selma" ©2007, by Martha Kirby Capo
Image: "Proximitas" ©2006, C. Robin Janning