Trinity Sunday

Earlier this month, on the Sunday following Pentecost, we celebrated Trinity Sunday, one of the high feasts of the church year. It sometimes seems as though Trinity Sunday tends to get lost due to the post-Easter/ Pentecost fatigue of the faithful, but let us remember that this is the feast that wraps up the whole teaching of God as Father, Son and Holy Ghost that has been enfolding since Advent. A glorious conclusion, if you will, of the story we have been living and telling over time to celebrate our belief spoken in the Creed, "I believe in God the Father...I believe in His Son Jesus Christ...I believe in the Holy Ghost" which leads us into a season to study the practical aspects of the realization of this belief as it appears in Christian lives.

Trinity Sunday did not appear in the church calendar until the 10th Century, and according to Gervase of Canterbury, Thomas Becket came up with the idea. To whomever we owe the feast, it is a blessed time to examine the mysterious nature of the Trinity, how we relate to each manifestation of God and how it changes our lives.

Images of the Trinity have historically been overlapping circles or the three fish or the three logos joined in some manner. My symbol of the Trinity, above, was inspired by the ever evolving ghinko in my side yard. The leaves are lime green in the Spring, darker green in the Summer and gold in the Fall. The leaves appear and evolve in different forms, but they are the same leaves...all the same yet all very different. This image is available for download at the
ECUSA Image Shop.

How do you see the Trinity? Send your images to to post here.

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