Time in that creative place of the soul can be as exhilarating as drinking in the dry clear air that lifts you up into a sky of uncountable stars lying high above the desert. Or it can be like drinking fire with no respite, no cool water. Time in the extreme. Ecstasy or agony. A gift that keeps slipping through our fingers.

But there’s another gift we’ve been given. Memory. Indeed, this gift allows us to stop time. Not forever, of course. But as we step into the desert, searching for what to take forward, we can take a piece of time, hold it up and examine it for light and dark, faith and hope. It’s ours, after all.

We can leave memory tarnishing on some forgotten shelf, or we can polish it and use it as a guide for continuing our creative journey.

As seen above: "Trying to Stop Time"
Rachel Weaver Rivera
Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 30 inches

Words: "Memory" by C. Robin Janning

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