Advent, Day 6

“God’s presence can be symbolized in various ways. Figures of speech and images invite the imagining of God’s nearness. In one dramatic instance God is wondrously and mysteriously present to Moses in a transfigured bush. The bush burns without burning up. It is ever-living while ever-giving in its flames of light and life. Yet, striking as the image is, this is still only a sign. The essence of the divine life, the source of all creation, remains beyond the world of human seeing. God’s presence is figuratively hinted. Holiness and inexhaustible power and life are alluded to, while the Divine continues to transcend creaturely ways of knowing—of being able to say, Now I know that I have seen God. I have seen the beauty and grandeur of God.”

Words: From “Day by day: loving God more dearly ©2009 by Frederick Borsh.

Image: Asimus Dominì - God's Breath, by Lucy Janjigian

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