by Connie Backus-Yoder

The altar frontal above represents the entire season of Lent. At the beginning, our minds are not focused on the serious aspects of our lives when it comes to the darkness that is in our hearts. The fabric is a little flowery and very, very light. Then as the days and weeks progress and we look forrward to Good Friday, we see ourselves in a different light. Still loved by God, and precious apples of His/Her eyes, but as we turn inward we see ways that may not be pleasing to our Loving Father.

Three glimpses of Easter are represented by yellow/gold satin on the Quilt and represent the Trinity. The darkest nights of all is the darkest fabric, which is where the last representation of the Trinity occurs to hearken to His resurrection at Dawn.

The thorns are a copy from the floor of one of the chapels in England, and represent not only the sufferings of our Savior in His precious work on our behalf, but also our own suffering as we apply His principles into our weary, worn lives.

Seen above: Altar Frontal "Lent" by Connie Backus-Yoder

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