At The Eucharist

"Here at the Eucharist we state who we are and where and why. We give voice to our hunger and helplessness; we name death, in us and around us; we give thanks that we are called from emptiness to life, and our own true names are spoken by the Word. May this gathering be a sign of life in the face of death, a declaration of who we are in Jesus and with one another, in the heart of God the Holy Trinity: chosen friends who, miraculously, know something of that God's longing for what has been made."

Words: Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams offers a mediation and expresses gratitude to Convention during the July 9, 2009 Eucharist at the Episcopal Church's 76th General Convention in Anaheim, California. A video stream will be available on-demand at the Media Hub. The complete text of the meditation is HERE.

Image: Photos seen above by Alex Dyer (top, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams delivers meditation at July 9th Eucharist; bottom: Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams exchanges The Peace with a woman in a wheelchair).

Images courtesy of Episcopal Life Online

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